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Businesses in South Africa form a major part of the economy and each business has its own contribution and purpose.

Business owners, employees and/or CEO’s can fall into a comfort zone sometimes when it comes to how things are done and how the service and/or product is marketed in their organisation. It is, however, immensely important that businesses improve their marketing strategies and expand their brand awareness to the public as the technology around the globe improves, the organisation should try its best to stay updated with the changes and newest concepts.

The disadvantage that business’s that don’t want to change or expand their marketing strategies and/or brand awareness have, is that these businesses’ will ultimately fall behind in the rank of businesses that are mentioned on social media first or that pops up first when the business is searched for online, and this is the main way that consumers find and choose to do business with organisations in this fast paced modern technological era we currently live in.

There are numerous ways that marketing strategies can be improved and updated to fit the times and there are companies that can assist businesses around South Africa with these improvements with their resources and ideas that can contribute to a new way of advertising your business or a new way to showcase your product online.

If you don’t know where to start and what these companies can provide to you, this example will explain it perfectly. An estate agents would have typically take each and every client to their available listings to show them the physical property, however, with the changes we face during COVID where physical contact is not as possible as it used to be, with the growth in use of technology and the growth in the popularity of remote services, some estate agents might decide to near a company that specialises in this to improve the way in which they showcase their properties to much more individuals at the same time, remotely which have numerous benefits by itself and this can all be done through AR(Augmented Reality)/VR(Virtual Reality), these companies that assist with the ideas to improve your service provision and/or marketing strategies have this AR/VR concept at their disposal as well, and can assist you in your organisation to make use of this feature as a marketing strategy or for providing a service.

The example above is one of many ways that this strategy improvement company can assist your business to ensure its brand gets notices by the right people.

CEOs and business owners don’t always have the required resources to establish its own team within a company to create these ideas and strategies and it is therefore important to be thoroughly aware that there are companies that can be outsourced to assist your company with this improvement.

We here at Idea Hive can assist you with any and all of your marketing strategy improvements, changes and/or additions as well as the provision of new and improved ways of delivering your product and/or service to clients. Contact us today for your Brand Revamp.

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