Everyone is a storyteller these days however at Idea Hive we pride ourselves in creating work that lives in people’s hearts, shifts the standard & challenges the norm. 

We have adopted a unique & insightful way of working through Data, Technology and AI-driven storytelling. We tell brand stories that build authentic connections beyond traditional advertising & marketing.

Our strategic approach is supported & powered by data through cutting-edge research tools. Our creativity is inspired by insights and technology. Most importantly we are committed to offering brands constant interaction with audiences that go beyond the pay point.


Monitor and reach your potential customers at different points of their buying
journey with expert and industry-leading performance marketing solutions

What should you know about performance marketing?

First and foremost, what is it?

In your business journey of being online, performance marketing speaks to your clients through online marketing and paid advertising to keep your brand top of mind and bring in the sales, leads and clicks that you are looking for. 

Why Idea Hive?

We have partnered with technology leaders to give our customers world-class and industry-leading performance marketing solutions. Being e-commerce experts, AI, VR and so much more, we are providers of relevant and bespoke solutions in line with your businesses values and goals. 

Why should marketing executives be thinking about performance marketing?

South Africa has a population of roughly 58.9 million, a 62% rate of internet penetration; which means roughly 36.6 million people are online. Connecting with your audience online is vital to grow your business and keep it as relevant as possible. 


Setting up campaigns in targeted ways, you speak to your audience at different points when they are considering making a purchase. Are you looking to let your shoppers know about new items and products or remind them of something they were interested in – performance marketing is designed to do just that. 

How do we get started?

Offering a full-service option, we go through and analyse what you are wanting to achieve with your business, creating a game plan that is not only relevant to what you want but effective in getting you the results that you need. 

How can we help you?

If you are looking for a cutting edge performance marketing solution in Gauteng here we are. We are confident and creative brand storytellers, innovating what we can offer and do for your business.

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Meet our cutting edge team who will be elevating your brand and digital presence through their performance marketing skills and expertise. Using a scientific approach backed by insights and data, we optimise and continuously improve what we can do for you and your business.

Enquire about our digital and performance marketing solutions today. 

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