8 Essential Factors when it comes to marketing in Johannesburg

There are a lot more than eight factors when it comes to marketing your brand, however, these are a few of the important factors to consider:


  1. Brand Awareness, Brand Building, Brand Growth; This is especially important when it comes to marketing as creating a brand and ensuring consumers are aware of the brand and prefer the brand over others are one of the few things that can boost your business.
  2. Target Market, Consumer Insights; It is extremely important to know who the product if for and what type of person should be aware of the product to ensure the product gets seen by the right person to boost your sales.
  3. Managing Market Performance and Analytics; This is almost as important as marketing itself and refers to ensuring there is constant measurement in the performance of the marketing that is used, this will ensure changes are made where necessary or increased marketing in a certain direction is boosted because the performance is increased in that area.
  4. Marketing Content, Display Ads, Video Creation; Visuals are extremely important, and it is important to ensure the correct visuals and content are used to showcase your brand as it should be.
  5. Innovative Marketing Ideas to keep up with the modern times
  6. Choosing the best marketing tools for your product or service; Digital Ads, Virtual Reality, Videos, and much more!
  7. Continues Marketing Monitoring and Updating; Seasonal promotions to fit the current trends.
  8. Unique Marketing Features to make your brand stand out


It is clear from these factors above that marketing is not a simple task to maintain and ensure that the outcome is to the satisfaction of the business. The good news is that you do not have to take on this marketing process on your own, there are specialised companies such as ours that work with these marketing tools each day, at Idea Hive we know the importance of getting these factors right and what it takes to get your brand at the top.

Our expert team of innovative specialists at Idea Hive are here to assist you with each and every one of these important factors and more when it comes to marketing your business. We have the ideas and the skills to make a dream into a reality for your business.

Contact us today or visit our website to find out more about how you can use our services as an advantage to boost your brand and your business in Johannesburg, we are here to help you make this happen.

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