5 Reasons Why MarTech Can Enhance the Way You Do Business

Running a successful business in this century no longer only consists of getting a customer and selling a product. The marketing technology has changed the way businesses provide products, interact with customers, and gain new customers.


What is MarTech?

Marketing Technology Management, also known as MarTech is the combination of various different aspects in marketing to not only gain customers, but to build a brand and to form a community around your organisation that support the organisation and take it to the next level.

MarTech exists because there are various factors that an organisation should consider when doing business and marketing for the business, these factors each play a role and together they form the MarTech solution to grow your business and brand.


How MarTech is achieved:

The factors that each contribute to the final MarTech solutions are as follows:

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Commerce and Sales
  • Content and Experience
  • Data insights
  • Management
  • Social and Relationships


MarTech forms when these factors work together in your business to form the marketing and business structure that you use to grow your business and its brand.

It is imperative that a business organisation use MarTech for its social relationship growth such as creating communities on facebook and interacting via messenger, this is the way that consumers want to make use of products these days and will contribute to the growth of your business.

MarTech combines these marketing tools together with social and visual tools to ensure that your business gets the support it needs.


5 Ways MarTech boosts your business:

  1. Gaining more intel and data on the consumer base that is drawn to your service or product
  2. Creating an interactive space where businesses and consumers can communicate in a highly convenient manner which make the consumer feel important and that the business is trying to meet their needs
  3. Information provision to consumers through blogs and content which help them understand your business and products even better
  4. Making it easier to manage the marketing strategies by using intel gained and working with the data insights
  5. Advertisements on a new targeted level where the right person sees the right product or service for them which will lead to more efficient advertising and business brand boosting


Where to start incorporating MarTech in your business?

Our expert team at IdeaHive work with MarTech tools and strategies daily and we have all the experience required to use MarTech as a solution to boost your business and brand. Contact us at IdeaHive today so we can get the right MarTech strategies and tools for your business, we help your business to be be part of the transformation.

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