5 Marketing strategies for upcoming Entrepreneurs

Having a business idea is one thing but making the business successful is another. It has become increasingly popular for individuals nowadays to create their own businesses. The increase in individuals creating their own businesses is mainly connected to the rise of prices and the stagnation of salaries around the world.

Side hustles has become a main source of additional income for a lot of individuals working a day-to-day job to be able to live life comfortably or to pay for expenses that their salaries might not cover.

Starting a new business has a lot of important factors that individuals need to consider, it is cardinal that the idea of the business matches the outline and the actual functioning of the business. There are so many businesses failing every year because the idea of the business is not inline with the practical execution that entrepreneurs follow.

Marketing strategies is one of the most powerful tools that an entrepreneur can use for an upcoming business. The way in which marketing strategies is designed and executed in a new business can make or break the business. It is therefore clear that marketing strategies play an extremely important role in the success of a new business for entrepreneurs.

There are a lot of marketing strategies that entrepreneurs can follow to assist with the growth and functioning of their business.


5 Marketing Strategies for upcoming Entrepreneurs:

  1. Gaining insight on the preferences of consumers
  2. Finding the target market for your product or service and focussing mainly on that target market.
  3. Building your brand to create preference for your product or service over other brands
  4. Marketing campaigns on social media to promote your product or service so consumers have more insight on what you can provide
  5. Building client relationships for stronger support and for further promotion of the brand.


There are certainly a lot more than five marketing strategies that entrepreneurs can follow to promote their business and creating a successful organisation. At Idea Hive we assist with all the steps in the marketing of your business, from gaining insights to promoting and tracking success.

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