Date: 28th June 2022


Public Relations has evolved over the past ten years and now covers far beyond printed newspapers and magazines.


Idea Hive has streamlined its operations and expanded its business offerings by tapping into Digital PR to drive the business towards a path of sustainable growth.

There are two styles of public relations, traditional PR and digital PR. What sets the two apart are tactics. These include how these relationships are built and the channels in which they reach their audience.


While adverts and traditional PR still play an essential role in connecting with your audience, digital PR is an approach used to elevate clients’ online presence using online methods. Similar to traditional PR, digital PR tactics offer brands an opportunity to reach a much broader audience that cannot be reached traditionally through digital PR efforts.


“We understand that audiences listen much closer to objective information; hence we find ways to package content in various ways to make the most impactful strategies by simply turning static information into powerful conversations. It ultimately improves brands’ online presence and visibility through content marketing, influencer outreach, social media, and optimization,” says Refiloe Mothibe, Head of PR at Idea Hive.


According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), public relations is a strategic communications process that encourages mutually valuable relationships between organizations and their public. An “organization” can be anything from an individual, brand, or company.


Traditional PR can be very successful in terms of increasing brand awareness. However, exact metrics on audience reach are much more challenging to track. For example, print and broadcast figures are valuations of the potential audience or the average number of readers per month, making the question of “how many people read or saw my client feature?” a bit hard to answer. Numbers aside, a key element of traditional PR is focusing on brand positioning within a media placement. Traditional publicists will look to see how their client is portrayed, how the messaging is communicated, and how often the brand is mentioned throughout the placement.


Digital PR success comes with all the accessories of a traditional PR way of working, in addition to SEO benefits: increased consumer trust, improved brand awareness, and spikes in consumer interest around the time new campaigns are launched. Critical use of digital PR alongside traditional PR is that the impact of a campaign is more easily measured. In addition to that, stories about brands can remain in the SERPs indefinitely, rather than being thrown in the bin when the day’s news has been read.


Idea Hive understands that potential clients search for service providers online. They also use internet research to learn more about the agencies they are considering working with. Securing positive media coverage in online publications and having a solid presence on social media heightens your credibility and improves both the quantity and quality of leads generated for your business.



Idea Hive is a performance marketing solutions agency that leverages data, insights & technology to craft unique, insightful brand strategies & marketing campaigns.

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