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Customer Journey

Idea Hive - Performance Marketing - Johannesburg - Customer

1. Persona

The Persona provides a profile of who our target audience is. By understanding who the service is built for enables us to create better engagement campaigns. To generate awareness and ultimately, conversion for our target audiences.

Idea Hive - Performance Marketing - Johannesburg Dashboard

2. Consumer Behaviour

Once we know who the Persona is, we will develop exciting and engaging campaigns. We will use various tools to further understand the market. 

Idea Hive - Performance Marketing - Johannesburg - Insights

3. Optimisation

Now that we have a better understanding of the customer and market information. We develop exciting solutions, this is done with engagement trackers to optimise return on investment for our client. 

Organic Reach increased through Strategic Digital Campaigns

Maintained at least 70% of video view through rates.

Increased the Positive Sentiment on Online Communities from 35% to 50%

Increase of Share Of Voice on social media from 20% to 25%